About Umbrella Company

Umbrella Company is a musical equipment company established in 2012.

Founder Takeo Yamamoto has started to handle pro audio equipment brands such as Grace Design and Chandler Limited in 1998, and guitar pedal brands such as Empress Effects and Chase Bliss since 2008. We have been distributing the music equipment and selling in Japanese market.

In 2005 we started to develop original headphone amps and DI system with our engineer Osamu Syukuzawa. After establishing Umbrella Company, we developed professional studio equipment such as Fader Control and Signalform Organizer, as well as guitar pedal products such as Fusion Blender and #24 in original design.

Our mission is to develop and produce creative and unique music equipment with Made in Japan high quality. The deep knowledge and skills acquired through distributing top musical equipment brands are expressed to all of our products.

All products from Umbrella Company are manufactured, tested in Japan and shipped with excellent quality and pride.





Professional Audio

Guitar Pedals