Does "Active" means this cable has some gain? What dB?

Active Mic Cable has 0dB unity gain. It is microphone cable that has buffer amp inside.

So it doesn't amplify at all, does it have the advantage?

Yes it does! It eliminates braking element that limiting the movement of diaphragm and unleash the potential of your microphone.

Could this cable use to both transformer output type and transformer less type microphones?

Yes you can use to both types. If it is a dynamic microphone, the sound quality will improved by reducing electromagnetic braking with or without output transformer.

Can I use this to condenser microphones?

No you can't. Active Mic Cable will not through the phantom power from preamp so it doesn't feed the microphones. Some models are exceptions, such as battery-powered.

I heard that it can be used to tube condenser microphones! Is it true?

Yes you can use to both types. If it is a dynamic microphone, the sound quality will improved by reducing electromagnetic braking with or without output transformer.

From specifications, input impedance 56kΩ is doesn't seem to high.

It is low compared to DI input but high enough for micrphone impedance. It is not the impedance value, but the location where the high impedance is received (right after the microphone output) is the major advantage.

Can I extend the length?

Yes you can. There is a report that it can use with 40m extension. Please connect the Active Mic Cable after the micprophone.

Can this active 16 ft cable be plugged into my 50 ft long Mogami cable snake and still be effective over the 66 ft run?

This cable is also intended to be used in extension cables. We confirm it worked with 50m (164ft) without any problem. Be sure to use Active Mic Cable at closest position to the microphone. If not it will reduce the effect.

Some ribbon mics do not tolerate 48v phantom power.Does the 48 v stop at the circuitry in the XLR housing and therefore not reachthe mic itself?

The cable will shut out the 48V so it doesn’t reach to the microphone. Active Mic Cable will use 48V phantom power to powering the buffer amp itself.

What brand of cable and connectors do you use in manufacturing the cable?

Cable MOGAMI 2534

Specification of cable

Part No. 2534
・No. of Conductor: 4 (Balanced quad structure)
・Conductor: 20/0.12 OFC 0.226mm2(#24AWG)
・Insulation: 1.6φ(0.063") XLPE( Cross-Linked Polyethylene )
・Served Shield: Spiral shield 62/0.18A
・Jacket: 6.0mmφ(0.236") Flexible PVC


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