"Active Mic Cable" User Review -  Hiromitsu Takasu(Recording Engineer)

"Active Mic Cable" User Review - Hiromitsu Takasu(Recording Engineer)

"Active Mic Cable brings density and fatness to the sound of dynamic microphone. Also it brings expression and presence on ribbon microphones too. It will bring out the true potential of microphone."

Recording Engineer Hiromitsu Takasu

"I was surprised because it was not usual sound from my microphone."

Q) What kind of instruments do you use to dynamic and ribbon microphones?
Takasu : I normally use dynamic microphones for mainly drums, bass amps and guitar amps. For ribbon microphones, I use to guitar amps but also to piano, brass and woodwind instruments.

Q) Why did you consider Active Mic Cable?
Takasu : On recording I will set the direction and choose microphones, headphone amps and apply EQ and compression as needed. I wanted to record in wider range and found this cable.

Q) How did you feel on using Active Mic Cable?
Takasu :  First I used to bass drums and surprised because it was not my usual sound (in a good way!). Normally I would try to extend low end range for punchy sound but it was way fatter already. Also I feel the density of sound had increased so the signal sounded louder no matter what instrument I used.

Even with the standard SM57, this cable gives the feeling of one step forward and much stronger sound.

"Works well on ribbon microphones too."

Q) Why did you decide to install?
Takasu :  It can used to most of dynamic and ribbon microphones and bring out the true performance. Also it's not different so much from normal cables so can be used flexibly.
I think the price is reasonable too.

Q) What kind of situation did you use this cable?
Takasu : Snare drums, tom drums, bass drum, dynamic mic on bass and guitar amp, ribbon mic on piano and SM57 on acoustic guitar.

Q) What did you feel when pairing with ribbon microphones?
Takasu : I used to brief moment on piano and guitar amps and felt the sonic density.
The unique sound of ribbon microphone had been more strengthened and enhanced.

"It's like extend the field of view."

Q) Is there anything changed for microphone and EQ settings since you started using Active Mic Cable?
Takasu :  The settings for EQ and compressor had been more less. The sound with just turning up the fader has become pretty close to what I imaged, so I am choosing more corrective EQ rather than aggressive one. It has become much easier to do precise and musical EQ.
I am using same microphone settings to capture the change of this cable, so I will try more variation once I get used to it.

Q) What kind of advantage you found on using regularly?
Takasu :  It doesn't feel unnatural, it's more like extending the field of view that microphones have. I think the wider range is the most advantage!

Q) Please tell me your favorite settings.
Takasu : I use Audio Technica ATM25, SENNHEISER e602, or AKG D112 for bass drums. With Active Mic Cable, sound image become larger and powerful with any choice. I change the microphone based on the genre so the clear difference of character is welcome and easier to choose.

Q) How do you recommend this cable?
Takasu :  No matter what, everyone should try this cable! I felt that my microphone has ranked up. For the microphones that you had difficulty before, maybe you will hear differently too.